Ybor City's 
     Neighborhood Deli
Sunday's Delicatessen
Breakfast, Lunch & Catering
A little bit about us;  We are a local neighborhood deli whipping up delicious breads, mouthwatering salads & enormously amazing sandwiches using from scratch recipies and the freshest ingredients.  We're just a good ol' mom n' pop shop on the big 7th Avenue strip of this historic city.  So come on over or give us a call to check out our daily soups & specials, and try something amazing today!

Our goal; To provide the residents, workers, visitors, & lovers of Ybor City a fresh, delicious and top quality deli to call their own.  

David Sunday initially came to Ybor a couple of years ago and opened up Sunday's Fine Dining.  The restaurant allowed for an opportunity to feel out this unique city that we've come to love so much.  In doing so, we've learned a few things, made lots of great friends and have paid for many mistakes along the way.  We've also learned that a deli would be better suited and much more appreciated than the 'fine dining' atmosphere of Sunday's Fine Dining.  Sunday's award winning cuisine has been rated and raved about and can now be enjoyed in a casual neighborhood deli.  Ybor needed a good deli, and now it has one. 

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions.  Afterall, we're here for you!

..because Ybor deserves it.   VIVA YBOR!